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CADD Centre is one the oldest companies in India who boasts of having a robust track record for providing end to end solution for Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) along with a multinational presence.

With the aim of delivering the highest quality education, CADD Centre is backed by a team of expert and professionally qualified tutors giving you the best environment to explore your true self. With CADD Centre you have a mentor as well as a friend to guide and support you on every step of your career.

Swapnil Udapurkar


Mr. Swapnil M. Udapurkar Sir studied HND in Marine Engg. and B. Engg. (Honors) in Integrated Engg. from Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom. He has started his career in production and design industry. Afterward, he has spent 4.5 years in the design industry in the United Kingdom as a Design Engineer, Sr. Design Engineer, and Project Engineer.

In 2013, he came back to India, where he found a lack of skills needed for employment in engineering students, so he has chosen to work with CADD Centre for skill development from 2014.


Our Popular Courses

Mechanical CADD Courses


Being one of the core branches a Mechanical Engineer is expected to have a variety of knowledge even if not an expert. The Mechanical CADD deals with a complete solution right from CAD to CAE which includes the Modelling, Analysis, Drafting followed by Manufacturing Solutions, and Maintaining mechanical system.

Civil CADD Courses


The Construction industry is heavily based on the effective use of space and material. The Civil CADD with its approach deals with every aspect of the construction industry like planning, sectioning, footing, building design, structural design, transportation design, land survey and even project management.

Electrical CADD Courses


Electrical Engineers are responsible for making the variety of electrical and electronic components along with the circuit design for products and the grid design for power generation as well as home wiring. Electrical CADD deals with the home and industrial wiring and circuit design and schematic diagram.

Architrctural CADD Courses


Modern-day architects are expected to be well versed with the available market to deliver aesthetic designs and structures. The Architectural CADD deals with creating a concept and schematic design along with planning, Exterior, and interior design and creating detailed construction documents.


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Mastering the Future of Engineering: U

In an era marked by relentless technological advancement, the realm of civil engineering stands as a bastion of innovation and growth. The blueprint for tomorrow's infrastructure demands adept professionals capable of harnessing the power of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to transmute ideas into concrete reality. This article embarks on a journey into the world of Civil CAD courses, specifically in the vibrant city of Nagpur, revealing how these courses are pioneering the future of engineering excellence.

The Essence of Civil CAD Courses

Civil CAD courses have emerged as the linchpin of modern engineering education. They furnish budding engineers with the competencies and knowledge essential to flourish in the cutthroat domain of civil engineering. In Nagpur, where the clamor for proficient professionals in this field continues to soar, CAD courses have transformed into a gateway to a lucrative career.

In today's swiftly evolving engineering landscape, maintaining a competitive edge is imperative. This is where the significance of Civil CAD Courses Training in Nagpur becomes manifest. These courses are meticulously designed to impart not only theoretical understanding but also hands-on expertise with industry-standard software like AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D.

Civil CAD Courses Training in Nagpur: The Apex of Excellence

Nagpur, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, is now emerging as an educational nexus. The city's educational institutions and training centers proffer Civil CAD courses that are meticulously curated to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. These courses encompass a wide spectrum of subjects, spanning from fundamental CAD concepts to advanced 3D modeling and simulation techniques.

CAD courses in Nagpur transcend the realms of theory; they accentuate practical application. Students are immersed in real-world scenarios, enabling them to confront engineering challenges with confidence and prowess. This pragmatic approach sets them apart in the competitive job market, rendering them invaluable assets to prospective employers.

The Path to Engineering Eminence: AutoCAD Training in Nagpur

Among the myriad Civil CAD courses available in Nagpur, AutoCAD training holds a distinctive position. AutoCAD, Premier CAD software, is indispensable in the sphere of civil engineering. Here's why AutoCAD training in Nagpur is a game-changer:

Precision in Design: AutoCAD is lauded for its precision and accuracy. Engineers who undergo AutoCAD training in Nagpur acquire the ability to craft intricate designs with unparalleled accuracy. This precision is pivotal in the construction of edifices, bridges, and infrastructure projects.

Efficiency and Productivity: In the current cutthroat engineering milieu, efficiency and productivity reign supreme. AutoCAD's efficiency in drafting and designing not only economizes time but also amplifies productivity. Engineers can adhere to stringent project deadlines without compromising the quality of their work, a skill in high demand in the industry.

3D Modeling Proficiency: Given the escalating intricacies of civil engineering projects, the knack for visualizing and modeling structures in 3D is invaluable. AutoCAD training in Nagpur encompasses 3D modeling, enabling engineers to fabricate immersive and detailed representations of their designs. This not only facilitates design but also facilitates effective communication with project stakeholders.

Industry Pertinence: AutoCAD is the gold standard software utilized by architects, engineers, and designers across the globe. By mastering AutoCAD through specialized training in Nagpur, engineers position themselves as highly sought-after professionals in the global job arena. The skills cultivated during AutoCAD training are transferrable, unfurling a world of career prospects.

Mastering the blueprint of tomorrow mandates an unwavering commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to remaining at the vanguard of technological progress. Civil CAD Courses Training in Nagpur, encompassing AutoCAD training, extends a transformative educational odyssey that empowers aspiring engineers to sculpt the future.

As the demand for adept professionals in civil engineering continues its inexorable ascent, those who have undertaken CAD courses in Nagpur stand poised to exert a substantial influence in the field. The precision, efficiency, and industry relevance imbibed through AutoCAD training in Nagpur catapult engineers to the zenith of excellence.

If you are a prospective engineer yearning to unlock your latent potential and shape the future of civil engineering, contemplate embarking on the voyage of mastering Civil CAD courses in Nagpur. The blueprint for the future's infrastructure eagerly awaits your expertise and innovation.

Always remember, the voyage towards engineering excellence commences with you, and Civil CAD courses in Nagpur serve as your key to unshackling that future.

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Cadd Centre latest blog

Revolutionizing Architectural Design:

In an ever-evolving realm of architecture and design, keeping pace with technological advancements is not just an option; it's a necessity. At the forefront of this transformation is Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), a technology that has redefined architectural design. Under the proficient leadership of Mr. Swapnil Udapurkar, CADD Centre Nagpur offers cutting-edge Architectural CAD courses in Nagpur, equipping aspiring architects and designers with the skills essential to thrive in the digital age.

Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) has played a pivotal role in reshaping the architectural landscape. It has revolutionized how architects conceive, develop, and present their projects. Here's why CADD is indispensable for architects:

Precision and Accuracy: CADD software enables architects to create meticulous and error-free drawings, eliminating the inaccuracies that can occur in traditional hand-drawn designs.

Enhanced Efficiency: CADD tools accelerate the design process, allowing architects to explore numerous design variations swiftly.

Visualization: CADD software provides advanced 2D and 3D visualization capabilities, enabling architects to present their designs vividly to clients and stakeholders.

Seamless Collaboration: Architects can collaborate seamlessly with engineers, contractors, and other professionals through CADD, ensuring everyone works from the same digital blueprint.

CADD Centre Nagpur: Empowering Future Architects

Guided by the visionary Mr. Swapnil Udapurkar, CADD Centre Nagpur stands as a beacon of excellence in architectural training. Their Architectural CAD courses in Nagpur are meticulously crafted to equip students and professionals with the knowledge and skills required to harness CADD's full potential in architectural design.

Key Highlights of CADD Centre Nagpur's Training Programs:

Comprehensive Curriculum: The courses encompass a wide spectrum of CADD tools and techniques, ensuring students are well-versed in the latest industry-standard software.

Expert Mentorship: Mr. Swapnil Udapurkar, drawing from his extensive experience in architectural design and CADD, imparts invaluable insights and guidance to students.

Hands-On Learning: Practical, hands-on training is a cornerstone of their programs, allowing students to apply their knowledge to real-world design projects.

Certification: Upon course completion, students receive recognized certifications, bolstering their career prospects in the competitive architectural field.

AutoCAD Architecture stands as one of the most widely used CADD software in architectural practice. CADD Centre Nagpur specializes in delivering AutoCAD Architecture Training Courses in Nagpur, focusing on the intricacies of architectural design using this powerful tool.

In the dynamic world of architectural design, embracing technology is no longer an option; it's a necessity. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) have emerged as transformative forces, reshaping the approach of architects to their craft. CADD Centre Nagpur, under the mentorship of Mr. Swapnil Udapurkar, plays a pivotal role in shaping the architects of the future by providing top-notch Architectural CAD courses in Nagpur. As the architectural landscape continues to evolve, those equipped with CADD skills are primed to lead the way, shaping the skyline and structures of the future.

Begin on your journey towards architectural excellence and explore the world of CADD with confidence. Consider enrolling in the AutoCAD Architecture Training Courses in Nagpur offered by CADD Centre Nagpur. Join us in revolutionizing architectural design through technology and innovation.

For any queries or details Feel free to call us on - Nandanvan- 7507111164 I Sadar-7507111145


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From Concept to Reality: The Journey w

Interior designing can be described as the science and art of decorating and designing the interior spaces of an area such as a room or an entire building to create a comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment to be in. An interior CAD Course gives comprehensive training to create detailed floor plans, designs, layouts, and 2D/ 3D models of interior spaces. It also teaches to use advanced CAD features such as creating detailed 3D models of fixtures and furniture, and experimenting with different textures, colours, backgrounds as well as material options and various lighting options.

Autodesk’s CAD (Computer aided design), which is known as AutoCAD or simply CAD is a 2D and 3D technical drawing system that can be used for various purposes, which includes creating interior design as well as architectural projects. This system is easy to use, intuitive and flexible, which means that all types of design concepts can be created without limitations. It is for this reason that CAD courses in Nagpur are very popular and CAD drawings have rightfully become a standard and very important tool in the industry for professional interior designers. Interior design studios use CAD software for creating designs, expressing them and testing them out for their projects.

Every interior design project begins by understanding the requirements of the clients and getting a full comprehension of the project, its goals, time scale and budget. After that, a proposal for the project is sent to the client. To make the proposal, AutoCAD is useful as it can help to create drawings of floor plans, extensions, elevations and sections of a building. Interior designers prefer to use CAD drawings while creating designs in the initial stages, as it lets them test various design ideas with a high accuracy level, which can be then used for communicating the basic concepts with the clients. After this is done, the same drawings are applied to create 3D renderings and 3D models.

Once the proposed designs have been finalised and approved, the CAD drawings are used by people like the subcontractors, technicians etc. who will execute the work for completion of the project.

To accomplish this, we teach the following topics in our   Interior CAD courses in Nagpur

- At the start of the course, students are taught the AutoCAD basics. Students learn how to make floor plans from scratch and learn to develop clear, informative and expressive layouts that are detailed with layouts of the furniture, type of material to be used etc.

- After making the floor plans, students can then learn to draft advanced floor plans. This can cover learning and creating a series of detailed drafts for elevations, lighting plans, furniture details etc.

- The course teaches 2D/ 3D modelling in AutoCAD, and to work with tools that can help create various elements of the interior spaces to visualise the entire project in greater depth.

In short, after the course, students will be able to do the following tasks:

- Drawing of 2D and 3D plane graphics

- Editing and modification of the graphics

- Transforming the graphics into different formats as required, since CAD has a strong data conversion function and

-Transitioning of data across multiple operating platforms

Here are some key benefits of using AutoCAD over the hand drawings that were done before:

3D View: Manual 3D sketches is cumbersome and the drawings are not as realistic and effective as the computer-aided drawings. When you use AutoCAD, it helps to model 3D objects with various textures, colours and materials to give them a realistic and vivid look, thus making it easier to visualise what the end product will look like.

Accessibility and storage: AutoCAD files can be archived in any storage media/ device or saved on a computer. Unlike paper drawings that are drafted manually, software files are compact and use lesser storage space.

Modifications and revisions: Earlier, if any modifications were to be made in manual paper drafts would need to be redrawn again and this would waste a lot of time and effort and also result in the loss of older details and inaccuracies. Use of CAD which has inbuilt tools, allows changes and revisions to be done as many times as required, easily through simple user-friendly commands. If required, previous versions of the file can also be saved for future use.

Accuracy and speed: With CAD, it is possible to make drafts with fractional dimensions as well as define precise measurements for any number of decimal places, thus offering accuracy in all dimensions. Editing becomes quick and easy with commands like rotate, copy, paste, mirror, scale etc. By creating and using a re-usable block library, more time and effort can be saved.

If you have any queries or need additional information regarding our AutoCAD Training in Nagpur, please feel free to contact us.

For any queries or details Feel free to call us on - Nandanvan- 7507111164 I Sadar-7507111145,   Or Visit our website-

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