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How important is AutoCAD training for Electrical Engineers?

These are some of the reasons you would have to take up learning AutoCAD Electrical.

  • Pre-programmed task
  • Large and comprehensive symbol library for use in design automation
  • Higher Precision

Above this, Electrical engineers have various advantages upon learning to utilise AutoCAD.

Why is it so important for Electrical Engineers to learn AutoCAD before we go into the main advantages of doing so?

This is due to the fact that employers will view you more favourably if your resume indicates that you are proficient in AutoCAD. In addition, most businesses hunt for AutoCAD-trained people as it helps with practicality in Electrical Engineering and a brilliant engineering mind is not just enough to excel. Join our Cadd centre Nagpur and learn from our expert faculties.

  • Decrease in mistakes

Errors are much less likely to occur while using AutoCAD because the programme aids engineers in spotting potential problems ahead of time. In this way, the engineers get a significant advantage because they can perform analytics in real time, eliminating any room for error.

  • Better productivity

Since AutoCAD Electrical is tailored to the needs of electrical control designers, it is equipped with tools and features that will speed up the design process for your next big project without breaking the bank. An analysis showed that upgrading from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Electrical might boost productivity by as much as 80%. AutoCAD Electrical expedites the marketing and production processes for manufacturers, consulting firms, and construction companies.

  • Observance of applicable norms

AutoCAD Electrical's support for regional and worldwide standards (IEC, JIC, IEEE, NEC, AS/NZ, etc.) is just one more way it enables design firms compete on a global scale. You can also utilise your client's own standards. More than 3,000 sophisticated PLC I/O modules and 350k other parts from top manufacturers are included. AutoCAD Electrical provides a wide collection of major manufacturer components, allowing users to create standard-based, consistent designs.

  • Facilitate interaction

In order to facilitate teamwork between the Mechanical and Electrical departments, AutoCAD Electrical makes it possible to directly share electrical design for cables and conductors with other team members using Autodesk Inventor®. The digital model benefits greatly from this additional data on electrical controls design.

Users can also publish DWF files straight from AutoCAD Electrical and securely coordinate on 2D and 3D designs with clients, suppliers, and external users. Different workgroups can manage and track all components of a digital prototype with the free Autodesk® Design Review software, the fully digital way to review, measure, and track changes to designs allowing better reuse of critical design data, management of BOMs, and collaboration with other teams and partners.

  • Modelling in CAD for Virtual Testing

Extreme conditions and a wide range of factors are commonplace in an engineer's profession. Often, these situations might be difficult to prepare for and factor into the design process. CAD provides designers the ability of seeing their design and its real-world applications through the use of simulations.

With this programme, electrical engineers may model power distribution and estimate the lifetime of individual components. CAD training helps designers find the cause of faults before a system is finished since it provides a precise means of examining engineering activities.

Our CADD Centre offers training program for Electrical cad courses that is AutoCAD Electrical course and Revit courses in Nagpur  with certification. 

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