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Know How to Become an AutoCAD Designer

AutoCAD designers are skilled in developing computer-aided design (CAD) models with the help of Autodesk's AutoCAD software. They work with other professionals like engineers and architects to help in creating and designing 2D and 3D computer models of projects such as buildings or machinery from basic blueprints.

A background in computer science, engineering or architectural studies along with CAD and AutoCAD training is useful, but not essential. Many employers give more weightage to work experience with AutoCAD.

What skills do AutoCAD designers need to possess?

An AutoCAD designer needs to have good technical and maths skills and has to be detail-oriented in their work approach. The designer must understand the client’s vision and also adhere to company standards. An AutoCAD designer working in a typical construction or manufacturing industry needs to have skills in designing and creating 2D/ 3D drawings using AutoCAD software. The designer needs to coordinate with the project architects and engineers, discuss project needs and ideas, prepare presentations for client approval and generate project reports to monitor the progress.

Step 1: Research educational qualifications

To begin with, you must have an associate degree in CAD (computer aided drafting) or an equivalent experience in computer design. You should be able to understand the latest advanced methods used for CAD designing and drafting blueprints. Usually, employers hire candidates who have a CAD certificate and some 2D/3D modelling experience. Some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher education in their respective fields. Several AutoCAD designers are employed as drafters to create visual representations or drawings that are later used as basic structures while constructing or producing the object. Some background in advanced mathematics courses is very helpful to learn more about engineering and design.

Step 2: Enrol in a training program

It is important that you select to be trained in a training centre which is well-equipped and has experienced teaching staff. AutoCAD Training in Nagpur is available at many places, but CADD Centre Nagpur is by far, one of the most popular centres. We offer specific programs such as building design, mechanical CADD, electrical CADD, electronic CADD, AutoCAD Architecture Training Courses etc. Our training courses teach our students the know-how of using the CAD software and give knowledge about industry drafting and the recognised design standards. We offer many program options such as diploma program, master diploma program, professional program and more to tailor to your needs.

Step 3: Get AutoCAD certification

Autodesk, the parent company of AutoCAD gives an option of getting an AutoCAD certificate. This certification from them proves the proficiency levels and professionalism of AutoCAD designers to potential employers. The certification exam to be given by applicants involves various tests on the knowledge of common features, tools and tasks of AutoCAD software. It also checks the ability of the applicants to put their theory into practice and complete specific tasks given within a given time frame. The certificate you can get are of 2 types; user certificate and professional certificate. A user certificate exam is recommended to be taken after 150 hours of minimum hands-on experience with the software, whereas a professional certificate is recommended after a minimum of 400 hands-on experience. Each AutoCAD certification pathway will have its own training requirements and monetary costs.

Step 4: Gain employment

Before you search for a job, prepare your work portfolio which will be a collection of your work to show your skills and knowledge to your potential employers. While you are getting trained in working with AutoCAD software, save some of your best drawings and models so that you can add them to your portfolio. This will give others an idea of what kind of work you are capable of.  Keep adding new work to your portfolio as you keep gaining more real-world experience. The AutoCAD certificate that you get is very useful to gain employment. At our training centres, we prepare AutoCAD designers for all kinds of drafting work such as mechanical, civil, architectural etc. An AutoCAD designer with a background in textile or fashion designing can do amazing work with the software available. This software is of great help to interior decorators too. So, with AutoCAD, you have opportunities to work for a company or start your own business too.

Step 5: Career advancement

Usually while beginning their career, AutoCAD designers start working at entry level positions. In due course, they move up the ladder into supervising at senior level positions based on experience and expertise. People pursuing more education and more certification like the AutoCAD Professional certificate have higher chances of increasing their salary soon and advancing their career path.

With endless options available, becoming an AutoCAD designer is a rewarding experience. To get more customized advice on how you can become an AutoCAD designer, get in touch with us now.

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