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Know the Reasons Why Lumion is Architects’ Best Friend

Lumion, a 3D rendering software that is specially designed for architects was created by two enthusiastic Dutch computer programmers, who were ardent about graphics, 3D models and simulations. Their main objective was to create an easy, fast, user-friendly program that doesn’t require much experience in 3D software and graphics. The first version of Lumion was released in the year 2010.

Before this software was created, architects had to rely on hand drawings and 3D sketches for their projects. This task was usually kept to be completed at the end of the project for concluding and showcasing the project. But, the problem here was that it was very difficult to mix and match different materials and textures which was required for comparison and to find out the most suitable material for the work. This problem made the architects’ work more difficult.

 Now, with the advent of Lumion software, 3D designs are integrated into the project right from the beginning. This makes it simpler for architects to now compare and edit their work if required to finish their work in a better manner

Here are some of the advantages you get working with Lumion:

No extensive training or experience required:

As an architect, you can easily create still as well as moving images without much fuss and prior training. You won’t need to depend on any third party for rendering your 3D models; thus making you more independent and helping in cutting costs.

Super quick work:

Lumion makes use of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that can process multiple chunks of data simultaneously to accelerate graphics representation. This makes Lumion faster than many other software programs to create 360 panoramas along with videos and images. You can swiftly create the desired setting around your project to make it look more real.

Vast object and foliage library available:

With Lumion, you get a vast resourceful library with more than 5600 objects filled with various kinds of materials, tools and artistic effects. You can get over 1200 options ranging from wood, glass, stone, metal etc. in just the materials section. You can choose different types of landscapes, forests, urban environments, islands etc. and with a few clicks, add objects such as trees, grass, water, cars, people and more to make your project stand out with your creativity and detailing. You can literally create fully-featured terrains ranging from forest settings to urban localities and add exterior and interior furnishings like sofas, tables, wall hangings etc. in a very short time. The best part is that Lumion’s library is integrated with the software itself. So, there is no need to separately search and download the objects. Our CADD Centre also offers AutoCAD Training in Nagpur

Visualise a realistic project:

Since you add so many different components to make your project look life-like, Lumion helps to visualise your project in a real-world scenario and present it to your clients. You can not only add different objects, but also experiment with the sunlight, make the sky cloudy, add rain, snow, wind etc. This will give you an idea about how your project will look throughout the day and in different weather conditions which will add a realistic element to your project.

Huge visualisations and quick alterations:

Lumion is able to handle large areas or models without slowing or hampering the rendering experience. This is useful when a project is large and requires a lot of detailing work. As you can easily visualise the entire project in one go, it is easier to assess the look and feel of the whole project and edit as per requirements. Alterations to be done in the project are also very quick while working with Lumion. For example, hundreds of trees, buildings or people can be added or deleted within seconds.

Compatible with many related software programs:

Lumion supports most of the common BIM and CAD software. The file formats supported are .DAE (Collada), .DWG, .SKP (SketchUp), .DXF, .OBJ, .3DS and .MAX (Requires a 3DS Max installation).

Lumion is fully compatible and has a LiveSync plug-in for many design software programs like AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, BricsCAD, Vectorworks, AutoDesk FormIT, and AllPlan. Hence, you can easily import your models into the Lumion software and start comfortably working on them in no time. Due to this, Lumion fits within the frameworks of your workflow and facilitates the process of creating fabulous architectural visualization. So, if you desire to be considered amongst the best architects in your area, take help from your best friend – Lumion.

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