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Who Uses AutoCAD and Why is it Important?

AutoCAD is one of the most important computer-aided design (CAD) software which was designed and marketed by a company called Autodesk Inc. This software was one of the earliest CAD programs to be used on personal computers. AutoCAD training in Nagpur generates a lot of interest as it has many features. AutoCAD enables you to draw as well as edit 2D and 3D designs more efficiently than drawing them manually. It can be scaled up or down as per the requirements easily and can generate designs in great detail. It allows creativity to flourish as ideas can be checked for their viability before the actual product is developed. The AutoCAD files can be stored in a cloud and accessed anytime anywhere.

Who uses AutoCAD?

AutoCAD can be used across various industries such as engineering, architecture, drafting, design etc. Let us look at some of the popular job types that use AutoCAD:

Engineering Jobs

An engineer’s job is to build something like a bridge, an electric engine, a plane etc. Engineers use AutoCAD to draw project outlines or design intricate parts of a motor, robot etc. Electrical engineers can chart out complex electrical systems, a civil engineer can design 3D models of a bridge, road etc. whereas a mechanical engineer can chalk out the manufacturing process and design innovative products.

Importance: AutoCAD helps engineers to create complex designs, analyse their work and solve any design issues that may arise by modifying the designs swiftly and accurately.

Architectural Jobs

Architectural CAD Courses in Nagpur are immensely popular. Architects such as urban planners, surveyors, and landscape architects use AutoCAD to draw blueprints, models and floor plans for residential buildings, commercial and office complexes etc. By using AutoCAD, they create 3D designs and use the inbuilt tools to detect, analyse and resolve structural flaws.

Importance: A lot of time and money is saved by using AutoCAD. Check out our AutoCAD Architecture Training Courses.

Industrial Design Jobs

An industrial designer needs to create or offer solutions about the functionality and dimensions of a product prototype. AutoCAD helps industrial designers make, develop and document their designs in a quick and easy way with its built-in tools. Among the various software used by industrial designers, AutoCAD is a must-have software tool.

Importance: Using AutoCAD helps to save time and efforts that would otherwise be needed for manual drawings and thus, reduces manufacturing costs and increases productivity in the long run.

Drafting Jobs

A drafter primarily creates 2D and 3D designs for different construction purposes. Drafters could be civil drafters, mechanical drafters, electronics drafters, architectural drafters etc. AutoCAD is used by them to shift designs made by architects into a functional technical plan and share it with other team members of the project.

Importance: Since AutoCAD can be stored and accessed on a cloud, it is easier for all the concerned team members to access them whenever they want. Editing is fast and easy too.

 Textile and Fashion Design Jobs

AutoCAD is becoming more and more popular in the textile and fashion design industry, as it is very competent in helping designers to create new prints, patterns and sketches.

Importance: It reduces time wastage by permitting the designers to use virtual models in order to adjust the size, pattern and colour. So, they can visualise how their design fits and looks before the actual stitching of the cloth. This leads to fewer adjustments while trying them on real models later.

 Interior Designing Jobs

Most interior designers use AutoCAD to design and create mock-ups of layouts for both residential and commercial rooms. They start with a 2D layout and then to 3D models while working out the arrangement of various fittings and furniture which gives it a realistic feel. A film set designer or a theatre set designer can use AutoCAD in a similar way.

Importance: Converting floor plans from 2D to 3D is easy and accurate with AutoCAD. Also, the interior design can add elements like sofas, tables, paintings etc. which helps to visualise and demonstrate the results to the clients.

Automobile and Aeronautics Industry Jobs

Automobile engineering applies AutoCAD to design the various components of the vehicle such as the engine, wheels, upholstery and its complete look.

Importance: The precise and realistic work of AutoCAD helps in minimising all possibilities of a design error, which could otherwise cost a lot of money and time. The design details can be discussed and edited conveniently before approval for the final product.

Besides these jobs, AutoCAD can be used in multiple roles requiring accuracy and flexibility in design planning. With AutoCAD, designers can be free to be as creative as they like and develop more innovative designs. We are one of the leading AutoCAD training centres in the country. To join our AutoCAD training course, contact us now.

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