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What is AutoCAD, and What is it for?

In brief, AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) programme that can be used for both 2D and 3D drawing and modelling. Incredibly versatile geometric models for building anything may be created and altered using this tool.

AutoCAD's adaptability has allowed it to move beyond its origins in the realm of architecture and engineering and into that of graphic and interior design. There are now a wide variety of specialist add-on tools for AutoCAD that allow it to be used in any industry that requires either 2D or 3D design or modelling. If you ar looking for AutoCAD Training in Nagpur, then CADD Centre Nagpur is the Best Institute for CADD Courses

Simply said, AutoCAD allows architects and designers to make geometric models digitally, opening up countless possibilities for the construction of all manner of things. Due to its adaptability, AutoCAD quickly became the de facto standard in a wide variety of fields and contexts.

A majority of AutoCAD's early development focused on supporting 2D layouts. AutoCAD's high quality 2D design capabilities continue to make it a popular choice among designers. Autodesk, however, has been steadily adding new functionality, and 3D design is now a viable option in AutoCAD. A variety of AutoCAD functions, such as those that centre lines automatically or lock drawing dimensions to predetermined proportions, allow designers to produce more exact and accurate designs.

If you're a CAD Drafter, you might find work in many different fields that need the use of AutoCAD. You might use it to develop manufacturing procedures and construct motor components, robots, and other novel mechanical items in the field of mechanical engineering. It can be used in civil engineering to assist in the design of bridges and roads, and in electrical engineering to assist in the mapping of electrical systems. In addition to architects and engineers, the following fields use AutoCAD:

• Architects, who frequently use AutoCAD to draw up plans for new homes and businesses. The software has built-in tools for finding and fixing flaws in a building's blueprint.

• Interior Designers: AutoCAD is also useful for visualising the layout of a building's interior, be it a restaurant's dining area or a family's living room.

AutoCAD's versatility means that it is also used by fine artists to create preliminary sketches of their sculptures, wood carvings, engravings, and experimental works.

Some of AutoCAD's most impressive features are:-

Make More Time for Yourself with Dedicated Industry-Only Resources

Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Mapping, and Other Industry-Specific Toolsets Are Included in AutoCAD Software.

According to Autodesk, the pre-built objects common to that industry, specialised tools for typical activities, and more provided by these toolkits increase productivity by 48% to 95% (depending on the toolkit).

Create Your Own Reusable Components Library

Most of your work undoubtedly has some common threads. To speed up the drafting process, you can store complex "blocks" in AutoCAD and utilise them again and again. CADD Centre also provides AutoCAD Architecture Training Courses in Nagpur

Complete Time-Consuming Processes Automatically

Already built into AutoCAD are automation tools that make it easy to do things like calculate volumes and export files as PDFs.

You can also automate workflows or routine chores that are unique to you with this programme (or your team). In addition to making you more productive, this will also relieve you of some of the monotony of your work.

Features like cloud-based file saving and retrieval, cross-platform compatibility, a block palette, real-time collaboration, enhanced performance, and innovative AutoCAD tools are only the beginning.

Professionals from different fields can benefit from this tool too:-

Mechanics and Engineers

AutoCAD may have been developed with the needs of architects and designers in mind, but it is now widely used by mechanical engineers for the purpose of creating visual aids for their projects. AutoCAD is used by mechanical engineers to create detailed models and drawings of various goods.

Fashion Designers

Some may be surprised to learn that the fashion industry makes use of AutoCAD. One of the most useful tools for fashion designers, it facilitates the precise preparation of detailed sketches, patterns, and designs.

Interior Designers

Designers that work in three dimensions often utilise AutoCAD. AutoCAD supports solid, surface, and mesh models, allowing interior designers to make accurate 3D representations of their rooms.


AutoCAD is the software of choice for architects when drawing up plans, blueprints, and overall building layouts. AutoCAD allows architects to easily bring their vision to life without compromising dimensional accuracy due to the drawings being made to scale and generally being quite precise. CADD Centre also provides Architectural CAD courses in Nagpur

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