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How is CADD helpful in civil engineering?

CAD is computer-aided design software. It allows users to create and edit digital 2D and 3D designs faster and more readily than you could by hand. The data can also be saved and kept in the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere at any time. CAD is a software application that is used to create drafting solutions. It may be used to develop blueprints for bridges, buildings, and computer chips, among other things. For drafting, it provides 2D and 3D application features. CAD is commercial software that was initially designed as a desktop application.

Here are some of the ways in which CAD software can be used:-

1. Drafting tool

CAD allows you to create precise 2D drawings and then you can either convert these 2D designs into 3D designs or keep it as it is. It can ben used for civil engineering projects to comprehend and solve various challenges related to designing buildings quickly and in a feasible manner. 

2. Architectural tool

CAD has an amazing user interface that allows one to create pre-built designs by offering many templates and layoutsit also provides an analytical tool , especially if you’re designing buildings. It helps architects and civil engineers in their projects by helping them design every building level through design, drawing, planning, execution and analysis

3. 3D printing

In order to 3D print your project, you need to first choose an object and create a virtual model of it using a 2D model or 3D model and then CAD helps creating the 3D model in your provided file that are compatible with various formats in your Civil Engineering project.

4. Amazing accuracy and productivity

The amount of time one can save using CAD is unbeatable. It not just saves time but also increases the production. It is possible to create infinite variations of the final product by modifying the same design n no. of ways. It is capable of increasing an employee’s productivity by almost 3x. The accuracy of the CAD designs is also simply amazing and cannot be matched by manual sketching. It is made with nearly no errors and has a significant advantage over traditional drafting and designing. This gives an ultimate end result to the user and is also capable of generating complex surfaces very quickly which can give a very precise outcome. 

5. Saves all your time!

Drawing and designing with CAD can give you way quicker results than drawing with hand and so you would never have to worry about missing another deadline. The software is convenient to use and operations like copy, stretching, scaling, rotating, mirroring etc are also available which make your work all the more convenient. It can also be used to create reusable block library in civil engineering and can also be used by architects to save their precious time.  Simple shapes can be created within seconds and the biggest win is with the complicated structures and aspects of a design, which are quickly and accurately created. 

6. Planning and managing projects

Civil engineers and architects traditionally carried a lot of sheets in and out of colleges and work, but with CAD, they can store all their designs in one place safely and retrieve as needed. It helps these professionals in planning, designing and managing all their projects. These projects can be divided into three categories, i.e., land development, water, or transportation projects. They also include road engineering, dams, canals, river development, construction area development, and many more!

With CAD software, 3D models of water or land can be created within minutes, making it a lot easier to wrap up the final details of a project. And the software works with almost no faults so no chance of getting your grades down due to silly mistakes. 

Now that you know all about CAD, be sure to save yourself the time and efforts and get your hands on this amazing software as soon as possible!

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