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What is STAAD Pro and Its Uses in Civil Engineering ?

STAAD stands for Structural Analysis and Design. STAAD Pro is one of the most widely used software programs used for the analysis and designing of various structures like towers, bridges, buildings, culverts, tunnels etc. This program is designed to be compatible with all kinds of building materials such as concrete, cold-formed steel, steel, aluminium and timber. STAAD Pro was designed and created in 1997 by Research Engineers Inc. at Yorba Linda, California which was later acquired by Bentley Systems Inc. STAAD Pro, with its user-friendly interface was amongst the first structural analysis and design software programmes to support building codes from India, U.K., U.S.A. and other countries.

What role does STAAD Pro play in Civil Engineering?

While AutoCAD serves as a drafting tool and is used to produce drawings that are usually vector-based, STAAD Pro is an analysis software used for structural analysis such as computing various loads and stress. This can be very useful to civil engineers in their work.  So, with STAAD Pro, you can create any particular structure like a bridge or a tower and test that structure by applying various load and forces on it that are likely to happen in real-life situations such as strong wind, earthquake etc.

How is STAAD Pro useful in Civil Engineering?

STAAD Pro has now become an essential part of design and structural analysis solutions by using Open STAAD, an open API for accessing and managing programs through the Visual Basic macro system that is included in the application. Open STAAD functionality is also used in applications containing appropriate macro systems that are programmable.

In addition to this, STAAD Pro also has the feature of direct links to STAAD foundation, RAM Connection and more such applications. This is very useful in providing support to engineers who work with applications that deal with design post-processing which are not handled by STAAD Pro directly.

From CIM steel Integration Standard Version 2 which is known as CIS/2, STAAD Pro computes schema analysis which is used by several modelling and analysis applications.

Salient features of STAAD Pro that are useful in Civil Engineering are:

1. Easy to learn and reliable: There are no manual calculations involved in this program and the results are robust and reliable. It is easy to learn to use STAAD Pro in a short time through a comprehensive interface.

2. User-friendly and stunning visuals: The stunning visuals produced by STAAD Pro make it simpler for engineers to comprehend the results which they have obtained.

3. Easier to pre-empt problems: Through advanced capabilities like dynamic analysis, finite element analysis (FEA), optimisation tools and more, civil engineers able to able to recognise potential problems in their designs and resolve them before building them in real life.

4. Realistic models: The latest programming technology of STAAD Pro enables civil engineers to create exact 3D models of the required structure or building. This software also gives faster methods to design a structure and it is suitable for almost every building material like steel, concrete, aluminium etc.

5. Works together with other compatible software programs: STAAD Pro contains all essential tools that are required for designing a structure. It works in tandem with other software programs such as STAAD Pro offshore, STAAD Pro foundation and Ram to design offshore structures, foundations and steel structures. Other than creating designs for buildings, pipes shear walls etc. can also be designed. Designs from AutoCAD can also be imported. For AutoCAD training in Nagpur, contact us.

6. Detailed analysis of the structural strength: A lot of various design codes are available which determine the depth, drift and deflection of any construct. It can also be used for calculating reinforcement for concrete columns, beams and shear walls. For seismic design, response spectrum, as well as static analysis, can be done.

7. Different template options possible: For re-modelling purposes, pre-built models of various types of structures are available. New templates too can be added as and when required. Through VBA based macros that can be developed with open STAAD functions, it is possible to create your own templates and designs.

8. Design for different loads possible: Structures based on different kinds of load such as live load, dead load, wind load etc. can be designed. It is also possible to get the shear and moment values at every 1/12th section of the member.

9. Applicable across various countries: There are options for international country codes in STAAD Pro and wind load, earthquake lead etc. can be generated as per the building code of a selected country. Also, reinforced concrete structures and steel structures can be designed according to the standards of a selected country.

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